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My name is Sarah Fruehling and I founded Fruehling Coaching and Facilitation to help elite leaders, influencers, top entrepreneurs and those they impact, harness their innate talent and curiosity in order to build self-awareness, insight and develop skills to help them succeed. When this is achieved, our clients are able to gain a deeper sense of meaning and purpose while creating more abundance in their lives. 

Fruehling Coaching features a diverse team of world-class coaches, each with a unique background, area of expertise, and depth of experience. Our approach involves matching you with the perfect coach to create the ideal coaching dynamic which will support you to become your very best. 

By working together to understand your vision, goals and challenges, your coach collaborate with you to create customized solutions that can lead to valuable self-discovery, greater success, personal transformation and a deeper level of meaning in life.

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Allison Evans

Comfort, clarity, momentum for women.

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Sarah Fruehling

Transform your life. Elevate your impact.

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Ciarán Halligan

Level Up. Lead. Achieve.

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