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Life Coaching

Are you ready to be inspired and feel excited about your life?

Do you want to deepen your self-awareness, cultivate positive choices, define and achieve your goals? Our Life Coaching offering is designed to serve and support you. Provided by our experienced coaching professionals, Life Coaching is a cost-effective source of guidance, insight and encouragement. When it comes to making important life changes and decisions, setting and reaching goals, and finding personal meaning and fulfillment, life coaching can help.

Connect with Fruehling Coaching & Facilitation today to learn more about how our Life Coaching services can help you develop skills, find meaning, create purpose and achieve your personal goals.

Health Coaching

Do you want to feel strong, healthy and attractive?

Are you ready to stop allowing your age from dictating the quality of your life? Do you want to reframe a health issue and discover your strength, courage and resiliency? With our Health Coaching program, we provide the system, support, accountability and constant encouragement. As we move through your journey together, we help you discover the root cause of why you haven’t previously succeeded in your health and wellness goals and guide you in making life long changes.

Health coaching addresses issues such as: weight loss, movement and exercise, stress management, self care, mindfulness, improving self esteem and reframing your self image after a health issue such as cancer, just to name a few.

Connect with Fruehling Coaching & Facilitation today to learn more about our Health Coaching services and get started.

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